EECS 2014

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

December 29-31, 2014, Hong Kong

Keynote Speech


Topics: Higher Education in Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Technology (EMST)

Speaker: Professor Dr Vivian Louis Forbes
Guest Professor, Wuhan University and Xiamen Universities, PRC

Abstract: Throughout the centuries, humans have been curious about the world around them. To seek an understanding of the universe that surrounds us, the Earth we live on and to shape it to suit our needs, is the essence of engineering, mathematics, science and technology (EMST). All things considered, almost every single thing around us is a product of science and engineering – derived from the earth and developed by people who were, above all else, curious to see if it could be done. Science and mathematics are at the heart of new discoveries, inventions and technology. Courses in this area can develop your knowledge in subjects such as chemistry, physics, biochemistry, statistics or industrial modelling. Students learn how to apply their studies to real-world problems and situations, and have opportunities to work in environments where research and discovery abound.

Education is the foundation of economic success. An economy needs to be dynamic (for example, during 2000 to 2012, China’s annual growth rate was +8%; in 2013, it was 7.74%). Being equipped for a high-tech future must be high on the political agenda of a State; to create jobs and prosperity that is needed for the next generation(s). The workforce of the future will increasingly require higher-level skills. Structural adjustment demands in the economy forces business to move up the value ladder. Jobs of the future will increasingly require a work force with the capabilities that EMST qualification provides. EMST must be at the forefront of education to address some of the most important challenges.

What are the regional policies on higher education in these vital disciplines? A comparative analysis and examination of positive and negative aspects are offered in this keynote address.


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